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IASME Cyber Security Consultancy Package for SMEs

Press Release   •   May 17, 2013 12:13 BST

·  Cyber security is an increasingly high-profile issue in the business news

·  Small, Medium and even Micro-sized Companies and their customers are not immune to these risks

·  IASME are offering a package which gives a way forward which is easy to access and affordable 

UK IT Association member IASME are pleased to announce that they now offer a specialist package of cyber security consultancy for small companies, followed by a free audit against the IASME standard.  This package is designed to help SMEs protect new inventions and business processes by upgrading their levels of cyber security. It will include an assessment of their current systems, or a "cyber audit", and a gap analysis to determine the primary areas they should focus effort on to improve. A cyber security expert will then assist the SME to implement an improvement plan.

The IASME (Information Assurance for Small and Medium Enterprises) standard was created from a TSB funded project to create an achievable cyber security standard for small companies.  The international standard, ISO27001, is comprehensive but extremely challenging for a small company to achieve and maintain.  The IASME standard is written along the same lines as the ISO27001 but specifically for small companies. The gold standard of IASME demonstrates baseline compliance with the international standard.

Although it is possible for companies to achieve the IASME accreditation without external assistance, our consultants can work with you to identify areas you need to improve, advise how you could improve those areas and help to make those improvements to ensure your company is working to best practice in information assurance.

The IASME consultancy package described below is expected to be eligible to be funded by the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) Innovation Vouchers for Cyber Security, launched in April 2013 . These vouchers award up to £5,000 towards specialist help like this and we can help you apply for the funding.  The closing date for this round of voucher is 24th July 2013.

“Although it is possible for a small company to get through the IASME accreditation without any external help, we realise that it is much easier if an expert can work on the implementation of the improvement plan with you.” said David Booth, Managing Director of IASME. “That is why we have put together this affordable package which will help SMEs secure their companies and protect their business.  If that company can attract a TSB Innovation Voucher to assist with the funding, so much the better.”

The Cost of the consultancy package can be seen below and includes a free IASME audit against the standard at the end of the consultancy period.  The package includes the following:

·  Risk Analysis

·  Gap Analysis

·  Improvement Plan

·  Assistance from a cyber security expert to implement the Improvement Plan

Company Size


Up to 10 employees

£4,000 – up to 6 days

10 - 25 employees

£5,000 – up to 8 days

25 - 100 employees

£7,000 – up to 11 days

100 - 250 employees

£10,000 – up to 16 days

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